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good pathologist and mediocre writer
Postdoc in @JHIDDynamics at @JohnsHopkinsSPH. Infectious disease & genomic epidemiology.
Assistant Professor, UCSF HIV, ID, and Global Medicine. HIV prevention, Epi/implementation science, homegrown tomatoes, my bicycle
Herpes, Virology, Cell Biology, Biochemistry. Trying to devalue competition, and to foster collaboration, reasoning and fairness in science, politics and life.
STI/HIV/women's health physician-researcher; Director, Division of Infectious Diseases & Professor of Medicine at University of Alabama Birmingham
Assistant Professor of Biostatistics at @UF specializing in emerging infectious diseases and vaccine study design. @HarvardBiostats PhD. Tweets my own.
Professor of Global Health, Harvard. Interested in TB, community health interventions, women in science, my kids, my dog, sewing, gardening, not in that order.
Immunologists hunting HBV @dukenus. Developing TCR-T cell therapy against viral-related cancers and studying HBV-host-immunity. Tweets by Christine Tham
PhD. Postdoc with Dr. Stacey Schultz-Cherry at St. Jude. Influenza, evolution, and antibodies! #blacklivesmatter
Studies the pathogenesis and evolution of influenza and astroviruses in high risk populations in order to develop better therapies
Healthcare Epidemiologist | ID Physician | Assistant Professor | @SHEA_epi Journal Club Chair | #IMG 🇮🇳 🇺🇸 Tweets abt #UTI #CatheterHarm #Metrics & #COVID19
Social #epidemiologist, Assoc. Prof, U. of Pennsylvania. I study #urbanhealth, do #COVID19 prevention, teach Epidemics/Emergencies/Envtl Threats. she/her ♥️🌏🌈
Hopping between epidemiology/evolution of pathogens, popgen and genomics. And digital contact tracing for COVID-19. And birds, when I find the time! @bdi_oxford
We are a research lab at Rockefeller University (NY) and Necker Hospital (Paris) studying human genetics of life-threatening infectious diseases.
Physician(MD)-Scientist(PhD), EmoryID🇺🇲 via 🇨🇲and (LSHTM & UCL)🇬🇧. Loves viruses, TED talks and Global Health. Blogger at
Pathology Resident • FirstGen MD • Equity, Ethics & Evidence • #PlantMedTwitter • (she/her)
Prof Epidemiology & Disease Ecology @ucdavisvetmed | Executive Director @OneHealthUCD | Director Emeritus @PREDICTproject | | @IGHSatUCSF
mom, causal inference enthusiast, #nycbornandraised, biostatistician, Assistant Professor @DeptPopMed
PhD candidate in Infectious Disease Epidemiology @CCDD_HSPH, @HarvardEpi. Studying vector-borne diseases & mosquitoes. she/her
Professor of Infectious Diseases & Vaccinology @UCBerkeleySPH studying arboviral pathogenesis & transmission. Tweets from Eva & lab members.
Chief of Infectious Diseases, MGH, Decision science researcher, Mother of boys
@MSNBC analyst, Child advocate, Senior Research Scholar, Dir PRRI, Founder @columbia_ncdp, Co-Founder @chfund, Author "The Future of Us” & “Americans at Risk"
Microbiologist investigating host-associated microbiomes #microbiome #ecology #human #gut #lung #infectiousdiseases #antibiotics
Associate Professor of Epidemiology; psychosocial determinants of infectious disease, links between infection and chronic disease, lifecourse health inequities.
public health | medicine | infectious disease dynamics | epidemiology | biosecurity | arts in health | views own
Professor, Microbiology and Immunology. My laboratory is performing innovative work developing bacterial vaccines
research scientist at the Institute for Disease Modeling
Associate Professor of Medicine, University of Toronto // Medical Director, Tropical Disease Unit, Toronto General Hospital // #NTDs #EDI @UHN @UofT
Professor of Biostatistics, UCSF: biostatistics, clinical trials, epi methods, PrEP.
Assistant Professor|Canada Research Chair|@umanitoba @UM_RadyFHS|contributor @Forbes|#emergingviruses #COVID19 #Ebola|Outbreak prep/resp|🇨🇦🇸🇱🇬🇦🇸🇿
PhD Candidate in Biostatistics, Boston University
Bob Hancock leads research on alt therapies for infectious disease, systems biology of innate immunity and Pseudomonas. OC, OBC, FRSC. Account manager: @micbmoe
HIV/Infectious disease physician-researcher @MassGeneral @mgh_id. Views my own. RT not endorsement.
Infectious Diseases physician and scientist, with thoughts on Infectious Diseases, Tropical Medicine, HIV Prevention, Public Health, and Global Health issues
Assistant Professor of Biostatistics at @ColumbiaMSPH
Epidemiologist, Immunologist, Physician, Harvard Public Health/Medical School. Discuss vaccines, immunity, infectious diseases, public health,
Professor, interested in plagues, pestilences and politics.
Assistant Professor @Penn & @ChildrensPhila. We study how interactions between the host, gut microbiota, and pathogens impact health and disease.
PhD candidate in infectious disease epidemiology @HarvardEpi, @CCDD_HSPH
Infectious disease physician, researcher. HIV, Adolescents and young adults. @mghfc @mghmed @mgh_id @harvardmed @MonganInstitute
Public health specialist, father of 3. Executive Director of @WHO Health Emergencies Programme. Irish national, global citizen.
Infectious Diseases doc, personal Twitter, Stewardship, AMR, Tropical, incurably curious, #IDTwitter, #AntimicrobialResistance, #Stewardship,#epitwitter
Microbiologist & immunologist | Associate Professor | @PennMicro @PennMedicine | she/her | mom | daughter of immigrants | #FirstGen | Opinions are my own.
@HKUMed dean, global health advocate, epidemiologist & family doctor
ID, Global Health, VHF, Pandemic Prep, Emerging Infections, & Health Policy MD @ID_MUSC| U.S. Congress COVID-19 expert witness x 2 | ELBI 2020 @JHSPH_CHS
ID epi #epitwitter, vaccine advocate, #rstats, cool aunt #WomeninSTEM. forever interdisciplinary. research @ @uf_idd & @Epicentre_MSF. views own
ID doc @mgh_id, PI @broadinstitute, antibiotic resistance resister, COVID doc, hubby @megsise, Dad x2. Here to learn. Views mine. |
Physician-Scientist. Internal Medicine. Epidemiology. GI infection/host response. GI fellow @UMich. #epitwitter #medtwitter @yale @emoryMSTP @UWMedicine
We're a molecular virology lab working mainly on influenza @CVRinfo @UofGlasgow @The_MRC (group account)
PhD candidate at @CAMBUPenn studying parasitology in the @striepenlab Passionate about science communication, female representation in STEM, and quality Scotch
Professor of Statistics & Senior Associate Dean, College of Science, Virginia Tech
Postdoctoral Associate at School of Public Health HKU | Former member of UF infectious disease dynamics group
Infectious disease epidemiologist, tuberculosis, pediatrics, marginalized populations. he/him/his
Not so new Associate Professor at UMB focusing on viral pathogenesis and therapeutics for SARS/MERS Coronavirus, Influenza and SARS-CoV-2 (AKA @newprof1)
Prof. @ U. Colorado Boulder @BioFrontiers. Virologist specializing in animal viruses that infect humans, ♥️ immunology, ♥️ biosafety. @darwinbiosci co-founder.
|| Biostat prof @ UW | interests in pedogogy, critical theory, chess (pretty bad at it), and brazilian jiujitsu (slightly less bad at it) | he/him ||
Infectious disease epidemiologist and modeller, specialising in neglected tropical diseases. Views are my own.
infectious disease epidemiologist | PhD candidate | baseball | cooking
Epidemiologist and associate professor @harvardmed • HIV, PrEP, sexual health, stigma, equity • Writing @TheAtlantic ( • she/her
Irish virologist/vaccinologist @UMmedschool @UMCVD, newPI, viruses, adenoviral vectors, influenza, vaccines, immunology, scicomm, STEM, equality
Epidemiologist @UNC (opinions my own); writer; bon vivant; "Dr. Bummer." A co-PI of the STAR Cohort. "Morpheus of the Table 2 Fallacy" (@jd_wilko). He/him.
Immunologist and faculty member @FredHutch & @UW, and associate editor @MucosalImmunol. The Lund Lab studies anti-viral and mucosal immunity.
Infectious Diseases @ #hadassah medical center. #phage_therapy enthusiastic
Passionate about #immunology. Sensing damaged self, infections & microbiota by DCs and macrophages to ignite innate & adaptive immunity. #Immunometabolism
PhD student in Applied Math + Interdisciplinary Quantitative Bio @BioFrontiers @CUBoulder, passionate about infectious disease research & mathematical biology
Computational biology, epidemiology, evolution, influenza, SARS-CoV-2, vaccines, and B cells. Infectious disease dynamics across scales.
Infectious Diseases + Addiction Med Fellow @UCSF @ZSFG Researching infections related to substance use and safety net. i.e. bugs and drugs. Opinions my own.
MGH infectious disease doc, Medicine Firm Chief, teacher and learner, oenophiliac. Opinions my own.
ID doc @MGH_ID @harvardmed via #YalePrimaryCare and @BUMedicine Opinions my own 💁‍♀️
PhD student in Infectious Disease Epidemiology @JohnsHopkinsSPH 💃🏽| Opinions my own
Currently tracking the White House Outbreak | Co-run @CovidWH | Infectious Disease @Emory | Epi @LSHTM | Medicine @Yale. Be compassionate. Opinions=own
Brigham and Women's Infectious Diseases physician. ID in MFM. HIV. Celtics fan married to Lakers fan. Opinions my own. #IDTwitter #WomenInMedicine 🏃🏽‍♀️🦮
practicing infectious disease doc; budding mycologist; interested in cryptococcal and TB meningitis. Led randomized clinical trials for Covid. Eagle Scout.
ID doc @mgh_id Med Director, @mgh_ast @havardmed | Ever true to @brownuniversity 2001 | @YaleMed 2006 | Loving 41 | she/her | @physicianwomen views are my own
PhD candidate, Environmental Health Science @EmoryRollins | infectious disease modeling, enteric pathogens, vaccines | flowers, frogs, folk songs
Infectious Disease Epidemiologist @JohnsHopkinsSPH. Interested in translational epidemiology, #FactsFightFear Views are solely my own.
Professor in Infectious Disease Epidemiology, London School Hyg Trop Med. Living in Africa to work on TB and HIV interventions. Funders: Wellcome and Unitaid
Health Researcher @UCalgary. Bylines: @cbcnews, @globalnews, @bbcswahili. @WesternU Alum. Tweets about public health, scicomm & #COVID19 misinformation.
Studying #Ebola @UTMBGSBS and #epidemiology @UTMB_PrevMed. BS @Cornell ‘11, MS @CornellVet ‘16. Aiding in #COVID19 clinical research. All opinions my own.
Instructor/Research faculty @ljiresearch Human immunology|T cells| HLA| Viral immunology| Vaccine Discovery
Vaccines, viruses, and health communications! Graduate student @Upenn, intern at the Vaccine Education Center @CHOP.
We study how viruses interact with the organism they infect. We spend a lot of time thinking about defective viral genomes.
I am On, infectious diseases epidemiologist from Chinese University of Hong Kong.
Virology. Vaccinology. Vagina-ology. Vino-ology. My tweets are my own. My science is the world’s.
Director of the Ragon Institute of MGH, MIT and Harvard. Infectious Disease physician. Immunologist. Co-leader of @MassCPR. Birder. Mountainbiker
"I don't think we are going to see one, two or three waves. I think we are going to see one very difficult forest fire of cases."- Dr. Osterholm of CIDRAP
Infectious disease epidemiologist
Epidemiologist, Neue Deutsche Härte fan, avid reader of science fiction, contrarian. Opinions are my own and not the views of my employer.
ID Fellow @YaleMed I Post Doc @VirusesImmunity I Father I Partner I former @SinaiMSTP
Professor @OHSU,, PhD: Microbiol & Immunol, CSO, Najit Technologies, Inc. Focus: Viral Immunology, vaccines, diagnostics. #COVID19 Opinions are my own
Virologist @MartinSchwemmle lab | Influenza research
Physician scientist @UWMedicine studying flu, RSV, and other emerging respiratory viruses
Family Physician 🇨🇦 Daily #COVID19Ontario updates. #Masks4Canada @McMasterFamMed alumna.
Assistant Professor @Stanford; Immunologist; Virologist; Physician scientist
Infectious Diseases physician in Melbourne. Working in both public and private.
Senior Consultant & Prof in Infectious Diseases at NUH/NUS. Chair of @whogoarn. Learnings from COVID-19 in Singapore. No medical advice or doc-patient relo.
Infectious Disease Data Scientist @ CZ Biohub | Mathematical Modeling, Machine Learning, Epidemiology, Phylogenetics, Translational Research
Infectious Diseases physician-scientist @UCSF| Occasional out of the box thinker. 海南鸡饭 enthusiast. Own views.
Virologist PhD Candidate at Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai Viruses/vaccines/antibodies enthusiast New Yorker
PhD Candidate Austrian scientist based in NYC Virology Nerd | Book lover | Travel addict
Epidemiologist, Public Health, Geneticist, Infection-and Immune-related Diseases and Outcomes, “outside-the-box”, think & think
Virology, Serology, Vaccines, Antibodies Postdoctoral fellow at Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai
Infectious Disease Fellow at Massachusetts General Hospital
Pediatric infectious disease physician & Chief Medical Officer @OsmosisMed. Former infectious disease officer @CDCgov. Press Requests:
My lab at #UCSD studies immune-regulation during viral infections. I am professor of #immunology, co-founder/organizer of #globalimmuno talks & proud mom 3x.
infectious disease epidemiologist at @JohnsHopkinsSPH | science for the people | all things TB | member of an unstoppable family | views my own
Physician-scientist passionate about defeating the infectious diseases of poverty. Molecular epidemiology. Science with impact. Views are my own.
she/her. ID doc at @bwh_id, TB researcher at @RagonInstitute, singer, mom, immigrant, nerd. Views my own.
Infectious Disease Epidemiology PhD Student @HarvardEpi @CCDD
reading, infectious diseases
Doing the same shit as you in a hotter virus and getting a paper in a higher IF journal somehow she/her/him/his/he
Infectious Disease Fellow @MGHBWHIDFellows via #MedPeds @tulanemedicine. Researching infxns & disparities, modeling outcomes, striving for health equity. 🇵🇷
Postdoctoral Fellow; Infectious Disease Modeler; Network Scientist; Former PhD at MOBS lab @NUnetsi; Past trainee @CIDIDteam; (Views are mine)
Epidemiologist, mom, wife. Do yourself and everyone else a favor, wear a damn mask, wash your hands, and practice social distancing. Tweets are my own. She/her.
Infectious disease epidemiologist #HongKong-er | Resp virus transmission, immunoepidemiology, field studies | Research Assistant Professor @HKU_SPH | Views own
Infectious Diseases Fellow "ID Docs are often described as having unwarranted optimism"
ID doc @mgh_id. Musculoskeletal infectious disease before COVID, but now like many an ID doc in a pandemic. Mom to three
Assistant Professor, Emory, Infectious disease dynamics modeller
Husband, dad and infectious disease scientist. Lucky to work with great people at universities, in governments and in NGOs... but all views here are my own.
Deputy Chief Medical Officer @healthgovau | Specialist in respiratory medicine and infectious diseases | Former @msf leader| PhD Scholar @ourANU
Assist. Prof. Biostat @EmoryRollins. he/him. machine learning. causal inference. vaccines. data science. whatever that means.
Research Associate in #influenza dynamics & #vaccination @ImperialCollege @ImperialSPH @MRC_Outbreak. #Runner and #peanutbutter enthusiast. Views are my own.
Computational biologist @broadinstitute | infectious disease & microbiome dynamics | runner | wannabe Vermonter
Postdoctoral associate at @uf_idd | Infectious disease epidemiology | Husband & dad | Tweets my own | 🏉🍅🎹🇬🇧
ID doctor @mgh_ID @MGHMedicine | clinical/policy research @mgh_MPEC | alum @WilliamsCollege | girl mom | she/her | opinions my own
virologist. scientist. husband. dad. reader. writer. fixer. bad typist. in no order. facts referenced. opinions mine alone. not medical advice or endorsement.
Director @CIDRAP New episodes of our podcast on COVID-19:
Associate Professor of Microbiology and Physiological Systems, UMass Medical School. Opinions are my own, unless controversial. He/him/his. #ally
PhD candidate @CCDD_HSPH and @HarvardEpi, studying infectious disease epidemiology. @DukeU and #ELBI2019 alum. Formerly @PEPFAR and @PIH. She/her.
Professor of Epidemiology, Preventive Medicine, Pediatrics and History; Director, Institute for Global Health; Head, Infectious Disease Epidemiology at UCSF
Paediatric Registrar | Clinical Research Fellow Paediatric Infectious diseases @southamptonCRF | @DFTBubbles #COVID19 evidence review lead | Husband and dad
CS prof at University of Waterloo. Interested in security and privacy.
Professor of Biochemistry @UW microbiology · cell biology · med ed Coincidences between my opinions and UW's are coincidental. ☣️ 🧬🧪🔬 ✊🏿 🏳️‍🌈 🇺🇸
Earth's virology professor, host,
Infectious disease modeller/epidemiologist. Director of J-IDEA and the MRC Centre for Global Infectious Disease Analysis
A virologist who dabbles in molecular farming and vaccinology, science fiction and red wine. Sometimes all at once. Though NEVER while tweeting. 🇿🇦🇿🇲🚀🍷
tweets on infectious disease, data analysis, biking, and eating - - life's essentials
Social Epidemiologist interested in how social context and systems influence health across the life course. Currently focused on mental health and well-being.
Infectious diseases doc @hopkins. Tuberculosis, disease dynamics, global health.
#Immunology @scrippsresearch | #SingleCell #Immunity | #ImmuneMemory | YouTube | Latest,
Asst. Prof., University of Nevada, Reno, working on virus-vector interactions. Alumna of @EbelLaboratory @EdinburghUni @UniHeidelberg she/her/hers Views my own
Associate Professor @unisouthampton Consultant in Public Health. Epidemiologist. FFPH MRCP MPH MSc PhD. She/Her. Personal tweets. RT≠endorse. #CountLongCovid
Infectious Disease Epidemiologist, MD PhD |@MRC_outbreak @imperialcollege @UniJaveriana |Previously @vaccineimpact @INSColombia |Own views|Tweeting in #Spanish
Assistant Professor of Biostatistics @MayoClinic
Prof. @UCDavis. All microbes, all the time. Also #STEMDiversity #BirdPhotography #OpenScience #BlackLivesMatter #Type1. More:
Director de Epidemiología y Demografía, Ministerio de Salud, Colombia. Profesor, investigador, Interesado en Salud Global.
Science journalist. International News Editor, Science magazine. Infectious diseases, global health, science policy.
Microbiologist&Immunologist studying innate immune signaling and host-pathogen interactions. Husband, father, immigrant. (he/him) #BlackLivesMatter
Epidemiology assistant prof @BUSPH | Associate editor for social media @amjepi | cohost @casualinfer podcast | #epitwitter |
infectious disease epidemiologist with @JHIDDynamics @JHSPHEpiDept
ID fellow @MGHBWHIDFellows by way of @brighammedres and @nyugrossman, microbiologist, saxomophonist with the @saxyderms, easily bribed with food.
Immunologist at University of Pennsylvania
Prof studying viruses and non-coding RNA at UT Austin. UT wants me to let you that all expressed opinions are my own.
My lab at UT Southwestern studies viral pathogenesis. And sometimes wine.
Assoc Professor @UAlberta_FoMD | Epidemiology | Public Health | Health Policy | Health Services Research | Analytics | #EpiTwitter #GOVEpi #AppliedEpi
Disease Ecology, Population Biology
Statistician, Prof, Assoc Dean @JohnsHopkinsSPH, w/ close links to @SREESociety, @jhsph_cmhapr, @AmericanHealth. Oh, & spouse, mom, runner, traveler.
Infectious Disease Epidemiology PhD Student @JohnsHopkinsSPH views are my own
Infectious Disease Epidemiologist, Professor@ UCLAFSPH. Director, UCLA Center for Global & Immigrant Health. Science, 80’s movies/music and Boston Terriers.
Epidemiologist with a biostatistics problem.
Rosalind Eggo - Assist Prof @LSHTM - Dynamic modelling, resp viruses, severe outcomes, EHRs, & optimising vaccines - Funding @HDR_UK - Made @IDDconf & @IDDjobs
Senior Scientist/Epidemiologist @SickKidsNews @SickKidsGlobal. Associate Prof @UofTMedicine @UofT_DLSPH. Views are my own.🇨🇦🇧🇷
Infectious disease epidemiologist, specializing in vaccines. I knit and tweet really random things. she/her
Epidemiologist @EmoryEpi. I teach and study causal inference, machine learning, and reproductive health.
infectious diseases, health equity @PennMedicine; alum @BrighamWomens @GlobalHealthMGH. “His horoscopes were especially popular because they were often right”
Epidemiologist, CEO, Pandefense Advisors, book “Sometimes Brilliant.” Fmr head, Prof, U Mich; WHO smallpox, TED Prize. TIME100. Seva & The Well
Professor & Chair of Global Public Health, @EdinburghUni Medical School. Director of @GlobalHealthGP. Health governance, financing, policy, systems & security.
Scientist-Physician-Teacher | Professor @UCSF | Chair @UCSF_EpiBiostat | Vice Dean Population Health & Health Equity @ucsfMEDICINE | Co-Founder @ucsfCVP
Immunity, insects, idealism and everything else (with an 'i')
Infectious disease epidemiologist; Chief Innovation Officer @BostonChildrens; Professor @HarvardMed; Founder @Healthmap & @Circulation; Medical Contributor @ABC
Junior doctor | PhD in TB/immunology | Tweets on science, the NHS, football, puns | All views my own.
MGH/BWH Infectious Diseases Fellow // Physician-Scientist // Outdoors enthusiast
ID fellow 🦠 @MGHBWHIDFellows @harvardmed | Former @MayoMN_IMRES Chief Resident | @UWMadison & @umnmedschool grad | #IDTwitter #MedEd pearls! follow: @GermGirls
Raywat Deonandan: Epidemiologist, Associate Professor, Faculty of Health Sciences, uOttawa. (Currently on parental leave.) I also make jokes. Many stupid jokes.
Biostatistician • Assistant Professor @WakeForest • Postdoc @JohnsHopkinsSPH • PhD @vandy_biostat • Social Media Associate Editor @AmjEpi 🎙 @casualinfer
Melissa D. Johnson, PharmD, MHS, AAHIVP. Assoc Prof Medicine, DUMC; Interests: Infectious Diseases, Clinical Research, Mycology, Immunogenomics, #COVID19
Health Policy Fellow/EM doc by way of NYU Bioethics, UF Med/Law, Indiana University Emergency Medicine, Lover of Gluten
Human Immunology • Systems Immunology • Pediatrics • Experiments • Computation • @scilifelab • @karolinskainst • @KarolinskaUnsju
Epidemiologist and Health Economist. Senior Fellow FAS. Fmr 16 yrs @HarvardChanSPH. @Harvard & @JohnsHopkins alum. #COVID19 updates since Jan ‘20. Views my own.
Epidemiologist @JohnsHopkinsSPH || official snack holder for my kids || proud Midwesterner living on the east coast || Opinions my own
immunologist masquerading as a virologist in a pathology department. Cambridge BSI representative @BSICambridge
Professor of Infectious Diseases, University of Cape Town. Co-chair South African Antibiotic Stewardship Programme. Views are my own
Director, @MGHCAREResearch (within @HarvardMed & @MassGeneralNews), focusing on clinical trials. Let's improve science by making it truly accessible. He/him.
Assistant Professor @Georgetown_GHSS | Adjunct Professor @GeorgetownLaw | International Law, Infectious Disease, Planetary Health, Human Rights | 余雪莲 | She/Her
Associate professor @jhubiostat with a focus on causal inference and social network data. Currently working on
Investigations and health policy for the @nytimes. I like reading your medical bills. Got a tip? or DM for Signal
Epidemiologist and Statistician | @HRBIreland @CRF_Cork @UCCPublicHealth @UCC | #ClinicalTrials #EpiTwitter #StatsTwitter Views mine
Science writer at The Atlantic. Author of I CONTAIN MULTITUDES, a New York Times bestseller. Married to Liz Neeley. (he/him)
Asst. Prof, University of Colorado Boulder CS and @BioFrontiers. Math, infectious diseases, networks, and computational social science.
Deputy Director, Surveillance, Data, & Epidemiology @gatesfoundation (malaria), science TV presenter @cbcdocs, & kids science writer. 🇨🇦 in 🇺🇸. She/her.
Infectious disease (🤒🤮) doctor in Miami. Research: Infectious complications of addiction, PrEP, pizza. Director of the Severe Injection-Related Infection Team
Engineering prof at VT with expertise in airborne transmission of viruses, air quality, nanotechnology. Intellectual omnivore and avid recreational athlete.
#PolicyAndEvidence for #COVID19 | Prof Applied Policy Sciences | Pro VC Research & Enterprise @CanterburyCCUni | Strategic Dir @spear_News | Ed @JnlSportTourism
Virologist, humanist, guitarist and dog-lover
Infectious disease epidemiologist @PrevPolicy, @HarvardChanSPH. Public health, mathematical models and coffee. @Imperial_IDE alum. 😷 #Masks4All
ScD Epidemiologist | Postdoc | Perinatal Epi | #EpiTwitter #ADHD| alum: @harvardepi @northwesternU | Tweets own. | She/Her/Dr | #Covid19 | Anti-racism
PhD candidate in Epidemiology of Microbial Diseases @YaleSPH | Research: HIV prevention, stigma, global health, #impsci, China | Past: @Columbia @HarvardEpi
Assoc Prof at Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health and Gooner. Currently cosplaying Dr Rieux in some weird re-enactment of La Peste. Tweets are personal
Creator of Data Scientist / @MIT '15
Writer on infectious disease, complexity, the science of humans. Author of "Covid-19: the pandemic that never should have happened & how to stop the next one".
Physician (IM/Peds). Epidemiologist. Wife. Mom. #EIS (15) and #ELBI (17) alum. Public health, biosecurity & medicine. Tweets rep only me. RT ≠ endorsement.
Professor of Epidemiology/Global Health. Caring about kindness in academia. @busph Free Associations podcast co-host
Epidemiologist, demographer, applied statistician. Love data and transport infrastructure.
infectious disease epidemiologist | tuberculosis and HIV | @UICDom faculty, @JohnsHopkinsEPI PhD, @LSHTM MSc
Mathematician at @warwickstats working on #covid19, #HIV and phylogenetics. Turns everything into a #shiny app. #rstats packages: treespace, phyloTop
Infectious Disease Epidemiologist; COVID-19 Technical Lead @WHO, WHO Health Emergencies Programme. Mother of 2. Opinions are my own
@harvard_data fellow ~ @HarvardBiostats PhD #causalinference practitioner ~ #globalhealth partner ~ #SRHR advocate
Streptococcal and Infectious Diseases research at Imperial College London- and Infectious Diseases Physician
Life with @sooahrho and #momothekeeshond. MD PhD candidate @YaleMed @VirusesImmunity lab. neuroimmunology 🧠, cancer, sometimes viruses.
Associate Professor @ Viroscience -Erasmus MC - The Netherlands #Influenza #Enterovirus #SARSCoV2 #Systemic #Pathogenesis #CNSdisease #Pathology #WomeninSTEM
Assistant Professor at UMass Amherst Math/Stat. Nonparametric stats, causal inference, infectious diseases, and shape-constrained inference.
(still) Living in a Microbial World. Focused now on #COVID19 #ClimateEmergency & #Microbes #Microbiology Professor @RMIT University Australia. Tweets personal.
Reporting on this terrible pandemic for Nature @naturenews. Views are my own. She/her. Researchers, please contact me any time at amy.maxmen at us.nature. com.
Infectious Diseases Fellow @ Massachusetts General and Brigham and Women's Hospitals
Editor-in-Chief, Science Family of Journals. Rita Levi-Montalcini Distinguished University Professor, Washington University in St Louis.
Disease ecologist and conservationist. EID preparedness and prevention. #OneHealth. VP for Research @EcoHealthNYC + PI of #WABNet
Scientist @fredhutch, studying viruses, evolution and immunity. Collection of #COVID19 threads here:
Professor at Yale @YaleSPH @YaleSOM @YaleHPM. Operations research. Decision Analysis. Policy modeling. Cost-effectiveness analysis.
Infectious disease MD (also CCM and EM)working on pandemic policy, emerging infections, preventing bioterror…
Infectious disease medical epidemiologist. Global health research, policy and programs.
Father. Optimist. Epidemiologist. Biophile. INTJ. Director of Research Strategy @IHME_UW. Past President @RSTMH. RTs ≠ endorsing. Tweets mine. He/him/his.
Infectious diseases physician and researcher. Known to the government as Cornelius J Clancy. Likes a good bacon sandwich. Cuimhnigh ar Luimneach.
Sr Dir Special Pathogens @NYCHealthSystem▪️Faculty @TheNETEC▪️Fellow @BelferCenter/@JHSPH_CHS▪️COVID19 Taskforce @FAScientists▪️Featured in #Pandemic @Netflix
Researcher in (bio)medical data, appying derp-learning to all kinds of stats. Officially, a research scientist at Kaiser Permanente.
Infectious Disease #Epidemiologist focused on zoonotics, #Hokie and @PittPubHealth grad, adjunct @UMDPublicHealth, Tweets-mine, #epitwitter, #IDtwitter he/him
Professor, School of Public Health, The University of Hong Kong
Professor of Health Services Research and Director of the Australian Health Services Research Institute, Faculty of Business and Law, University of Wollongong
Die Virenjägerin! ☣️🏹🧬 Co-developer of @nextstrain at @biozentrum @UniBasel! Using programming & phylogenetics, I study & track viruses. I like ✈️ & 🐈
Infectious disease epidemiologist at the University of Cambridge
Infectious diseases , home and away. NIHR Research Professor @imperialcollege . Views are my own
Immunologist with chronic passion for macrophages, fascinated by Kupffer cells, Proud dad of two princesses. Microscopy images by Johnny Bonnardel in our team.
emergency doc @Brown_Emergency🔸Director @BrownDigiHealth🔸️CoFounder @researchaffirm #thisisourlane & @getusppe🔸️Board @NVIinstitute
Virologist at the University of Cambridge and University of Makeni, Sierra Leone. Interested in things virus-related and international development. Views my own
PostDoc @RCSI_Irl Epidemiologist. Alum @mirorproject @Columbiamsph @MichiganStateU Photog, certified yoga teacher, & embroiderer @CentrlLmtStitch She/Her
The Rajsbaum lab studies host-virus interactions and innate immune responses regulated by the host ubiquitin system
🏳️‍🌈 Physician-scientist turned Chief Editor @NatureMedicine - Opinions are my own. He/him/his
Infectious Diseases MD via @StanfordMed @MGHmed / #PublicHealth Epidemiologist / #ClimateChange Infectious Disease Research / Views own / Cautious Optimist
Scientist interested in viruses and our immune system. Just trying to do some good in the world.
Chair, UCSF Dept of Medicine. Career: What happens when a poli sci major becomes an academic physician. Latest book: The Digital Doctor: Hope, Hype & Harm...
Infectious disease epidemiologist. Professor @ Oxford BDI. Pathogen dynamics and evolution. HIV. AMR. Outbreaks.
Dr. Maureen Miller is an infectious disease epidemiologist and medical anthropologist: prevention, population health, human rights and gender equity.
Virologist.Likes history, hiking & a good movie.Favourite viruses? Coronavirus,Emerging & Oncogenic Viruses. Job seeker.Favourite country? UK. Dad. Bibliophile.
Epidemiologist, virologist, @ColumbiaMSPH. Emerging infections, global health, flu etc. RTs not necessarily endorsements
Director of @JHSPH_CHS, working to protect people from epidemics & disasters. Inf diseases, pub health, research, policy
Our lab aims to understand how viruses use non-coding RNA to replicate, induce tumors, and cause pathogenesis, and how hosts use ncRNAs to block viruses.
#Virologist | PhD @EdinburghUni | Mainly tweet about science & my dog 🐕 | #womeninSTEM | #ProudlySouthAfrican🇿🇦 Views my own👩‍🔬
I'm a Plant Virologist and Science Advocate. Assistant Professor of Virology @UVU.
Emerging Infectious Diseases|#SciComm Lead @COVID19Tracking|Contributor @nbcbayarea|@KeckMedUSC @GUMedicine Alum|Mama|مصرية|#VaccinesWork #IDTwitter #EpiTwitter
Assistant Professor @ImmunobiologyUA and @UAZBIO5 | Metal Meets Infectious Diseases | Killin' it with Copper | New to COVID-19 Research |
Perpetually intrigued by the battle between RNA viruses and the host @ Duke University Medical Center. she/her
Assoc Prof of Epidemiology at Yale; Research on vaccines, respiratory disease dynamics, bacterial ecology. Taking a break from Twitter for a while...
MD-PhD Student studying ID/Immuno. #DisabledDocs writing & speaking about disabilities. Opinions my own. he/him
PhD student @HarvardGSAS in Health Policy & Statistics @HPDSLab I enjoy bread-making & lifting heavy things. Previously @MarshallScholar @LSHTM @Yale
Prof. of Microbiology & Infection Biology studying host-pathogen interactions, regulatory and sensory RNAs & other virulence control mechanisms
Clinician Scientist @UofT_DoM | General internist @SinaiHealth | Affiliated Faculty @PORTAL_Research | v. amateur golfer/gardener/goalie
Infectious disease epidemiologist & modeler @Imperial_IDE. @UCBerkeley, @UniofOxford, and @Imperial_IDE alum.
Working on dengue pathogenesis and correlates of protection, drug targets and now on COVID-19. Love day dreaming and chilling out!
Virus spotter 🤓You're twistin' my melon man.
Chair of Biostatistics & Epidemiology at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine; Emeritus Professor, University of California, Berkeley
Professor of Public Policy & Sociology @UCRiverside. Public health scientist & sociologist @ucrspp studying population health & community issues. Views my own.
Professor at the University of Pennsylvania working on emerging infectious diseases and precision oncology using high throughput screening.
Lab studying molecular evolution of proteins and viruses. Affiliated with @fredhutch @HHMINEWS @uwgenome.
Genetic and ID Epidemiologist. Host Genetic Susceptibility to Infectious Disease. Genetics of Immunity. Acute Flaccid Myelitis. Tweets my own.
Assistant Professor at Emory University. Virologist; Immunologist; Systems Biologist; Studying immunity to emerging viral infections.
I possibly tweet too much, so follow with caution. A perpetual student of microbiology, infection, and outbreaks. Devoted to @Turneeps5
ID epidemiologist & postdoc @ICESOntario. Respiratory viruses, vaccines, & maternal/child health. As heard on @theindicator, @bbcos, etc. she/her. race: misc.
PhD/MPH epi & infection prvntn. Asst Prof @ScharSchool|Adjunct @UAZPublicHealth|@georgetown_ghss affiliate|@FAScientists COVID taskforce| ELBI ☣️ alea iacta est
Small college professor from PA studying virology, microbiology and RNA biology.
Virologist - PhD 🔬👨‍🔬 | ☣ RNA Viruses, currently kept busy by a Coronavirus | @Vignuzzilab🔍 @InstitutPasteur | 🇩🇪🇪🇺🇺🇳
Biostatistics @upennDBEI | Nonparametric Bayes + Causal Inference at @PennCausal | Associate Fellow at @PennLDI
Associate Professor of Epidemiology @McGillEBOH @Mcgillu | PI @BastaLab | Lead @TrackVaccines | Formerly @UMNews @Princeton @UW @Cambridge_Uni @HealthyFla
Asst Professor at Washington State Univ. Maker of artisinal, small-batch simulation models for the discerning infectious disease consumer. He/him.
MD PhD #Epidemiologist Prof #Publichealth Director of #PopHealthLab #UniFR Adj Prof at #UniBern and #McGill #lifecourse #datascience #monitoring #epitwitter
Clinical trialist, epidemiologist, biostatistician, medical epistemologist, teacher, baritone
PhD student in infectious disease epidemiology @harvardepi & @ccdd_hsph | Undergraduate alum @Princeton
Studying immunology and infectious disease dynamics in the @sarahcobey lab at @UChicago. @JSMF Fellow.
Probabilistic optimist | Infectious disease, decision science, policy modeling, global health | Professor @StanfordMed | Director @PrevPolicy
Assoc Prof @EmoryChem, proud member of @HeemstraLab. Working to grow leaders, fight inequity, embrace failure...and make the world a better place. Tweets mine.
Epidemiologist Ex-WHO "It is more fun to talk with someone who doesn't use long, difficult words, but rather short easy words". 🧸 Opinions are my own. #UniSA
ID Doc, Assoc Prof @BUMedicine; Dir., Special Pathogens Unit @The_BMC @NEIDL; Human Security @fletcherschool; HealthSys/Outbreaks; @nbcnews @msnbc contributor
Assoc Prof curious about how mammals 👨‍👨‍👧‍👧🦇 🐭 fight viruses🦠Moonlight as yoga champ, bread maker, coffee nut. Swayed by humor & realism. Views my own.
Writing about Infectious Diseases, which now are dominated by COVID, but include many more pathogens. Posts in English. Retweets in Spanish, French, Portuguese
Professor at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, co-Director of the Johns Hopkins Center for Women's Health, Sex, and Gender Research.
Epidemiologist, dengue and other infectious diseases, Singapore
Prof at Geneva Centre for Emerging Viral Diseases - Virologist, MD, DTM&H, mom - interests: emerging viruses, tropical medicine, bats & birds. Views are my own.
Writer-Virologist. Expertise in arenavirus pathogenesis; Scientific writing/editing. #Querying first novel-biomedical thriller; views strictly my own. She/Her
Graduate student in @Baric_Lab at UNC studying all things coronavirus.
Infectious disease epidemiologist and modeller at @TropMedOxford specializing in (re-)emerging pathogens. #EpiTwitter, #IDtwitter.
Epidemiologist, public health doctor, associate Prof @bar_ilan. Focus: epidemiology, health inequalities, infectious diseases, digital health
Virologist and Infectious Diseases physician at the University of Michigan. Proud father of 3. Opinions are my own.
Chair of Biostatistics and Epidemiology @RutgersSPH Co-Director Center for Causal inference @PennCausal | #rstats #datascience #causalinference
virology lab tech/well-dressed cryptid @YaleEMD. ornery anticolonial arbovirologist; opinions own. Georgia grown. started #BiInSci. BS Bio, UGA ‘19. (she/pay)
Reader in Virus Evolution @ImperialSPH and Associate Professor @UniofOxford @BalliolOxford.
Real-time virus genomics for outbreak molecular epidemiology. Hosts, pathogens & global health PhD. @NetworkArtic, Rambaut Lab, Edinburgh University. She/her
#Infectiousdisease #epidemiologist. Author. Associate Dean of #GlobalHealth; Co-director @IPATH 🦠 Making #GoodTrouble on #COVID19. Repped by @ToEllen
I'm an epidemiologist (#epitwitter) at the Div. of Epi & Community Health at UMN. I like rabbits. I like iced tea. I also like plots that involve time travel.
Infectious Disease Epidemiologist. Tweets my own
Virologist; Director of #CharitéVirology
Editor of @SciImmunology, AAAS "Force for Science" member, mucosal immunologist, pathologist, runner, weekend chef, amateur landscaper. Opinions are mine.
Brett's House of Viruses • "You infect 'em, we inspect 'em" #YaleVirology
Mom, spouse, UNE med school professor of Micro & ID, amateur chef, taco enthusiast, #speaker #SciComm #VaccinesWork #COVID19 #SARSCoV2 #EmergingViruses She/Her
Epi Professor and Chair at JHU, Dad and Grandpa, serious eater and bonsai man; he/his. Proud JHU alumnus. Mine alone.
B cells and viruses. “INFLUENZA has always been a mixture of romance and terror; of fact and fable; of new and old ideas" Thomas Francis
trying to make my community better | @mayoclinicEM | father | husband | views my own (love #meded #pocus #quality) | research profile:
Public Hlth Dr,interested in evid-based health services commissioning,clinical leadership & hlth policy.My views are my own,RTs are no endorsements
Sr writer, infectious diseases @statnews. Conspiracy theory free zone; I block rude, racism. Please consider Googling first. #coronavirus #Covid19 #Ebola🇨🇦
Scientist, public health researcher, STEMinist, wife, mum, author? She/her. Assistant Research Prof @Georgetown_GHSS. All views my own.
Infectious disease epidemiologist @EmoryRollins specializing in food & waterborne diseases. Lover of pooping unicorns. @aaas #LeshnerFellow 2017-18
Doctor. Talkin smack re: all things #covid19. #Jesuisprivatesecurityguardhirer. Host @Radiotherapy RRR FM. Also, magic.
Infectious Disease Epidemiologist and Math Modeler @UofT_dlsph, Data Raccoon, Cat Fancier
Assistant Professor of Biostatistics @ColumbiaMSPH
Professor and Chair, Department of Molecular Microbiology and Immunology, Johns Hopkins School of Public Health
#Epidemiology and other matters.
Applying Mathematics to Disease Control and to Networks.
University of Michigan, Professor of Epidemiology | MD | #Flu Detective | Flu Prevention & Effectiveness Expert
Our department has a long tradition of teaching and research in Epidemiology | Our YouTube:
infectious disease epidemiologist
Centre for Mathematical Modelling of Infectious Diseases at @LSHTM
Reporter @nytimes on mainly #covid19 Winner 2019 Victor Cohn Prize. Before: Founding EIC @Spectrum, co-founder @CultureDish DMs open OR
Virologist researching #Ebola, #hantavirus, other emerging viruses at Albert Einstein College of Medicine in NYC. Contact:
Virology, knitting, bright colors. And a bit of nonsense. Assistant Professor at Loyola University Chicago. 🦄🧀🏳️‍🌈🌵
Director, @CIDIDteam, Center for Inference and Dynamics of Infectious Diseases; Director, SISMID
Molecular virologist | Deep-sequencer | Assistant Professor @bmb_utmb | Co-founder and CSO @clickseqtech | 🇬🇧 in 🇺🇸 | He/him | Dad
Infectious Diseases Physician
Immunologist @RockefellerUniv Surfer @Indonesia Climber @Cipó anti-racist&anti-fascist @everywhere he/him
Infectious disease epidemiologist, studying emerging and zoonotic diseases
Physician-scientist. Dad. Husband. We study host-viral interactions and immune evasion esp of #covid #norovirus w/ CRISPR,cells,mice... @yaleibio @yale_labmed
Immunologist at the University of Washington
Justin Lessler is an Associate Professor of Epidemiology at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health @JohnsHopkinsEPI
Research in evolutionary biology and infectious disease from Oliver Pybus and colleagues @OxZooDept and @RoyalVetCollege
Epidemiologist & Microbiologist @WHO. Main interests: any (re-)emerging pathogen 😷 . Views my own.
Harvard/Brigham Infectious Diseases doctor, writer, editor, educator. Prefer baseball to football, pizza to sushi, dogs to cats, Beatles to Stones.
I work @Yale focusing on operations research/epidemiology for infectious disease. In the real world: been an AIDS activist for ~30 yrs. Asst Prof YSPH.
Infectious disease epidemiologist, runner, globetrotter| @EmoryEpi PhD student | @MIT_alumni
Clinical Pharmacy Specialist in Infectious Diseases @BrighamWomens, proud @bethisraellahey & @Northeastern alum #BCIDP #IDTwitter, views are my own
Immunologist, research group leader @Institut_Curie, Assistant Professor @IcahnMountSinai. Study the crosstalk between stromal and immune cells in cancer
Clin. Associate Professor @UofSCPharm 👩🏻‍🏫| ID Stewie & Clin. PharmD @PalmettoHealth 👩🏻‍⚕️💊| all-around #idgeek 🦠👩🏻‍🔬🧫
Assistant Professor, Columbia University. Epidemiology, casual inference, toddler-chasing.
#infectiousdisease #epitwitter #NewMexican in 🇵🇷 Alum: @JohnsHopkinsSPH, @HarvardChanSPH, @emoryrollins @TuftsUniversity | tweets my own
Intensivist, Pulmonologist, Internist | Husband, dad x2 | Interests: #POCUS #ML #MedED #MedTech #DadJokes | opinions = mine ≠ advice
A/Prof Paed Rheumatologist. Head Paed Rheum Royal Children's Hosp, MCRI Pain med WCLP PWE at RMIT Dr's health Churchill Fellow Gender equity Mum Views my own
Infectious disease epidemiologist. Prof at Centre for Tropical Medicine and Global Health, University of Oxford.
Infectious Diseases @HarvardEpi
Infectious disease physician @mgh_id. STI/HIV/global health researcher. Outdoor enthusiast. She/hers. Views my own.
Coronavirologist @UNC. #Antivirals #COVID19. Recently featured in @GQMagazine My kids are not ready for Minor Threat but appreciate The Pixies = makes me happy
infectious diseases, critical care, social justice, basketball, climate change. in no specific order.
Computational epidemiologist, cyclist and citizen @ISPMBern @unibern
PhD student studying infectious disease dynamics at Johns Hopkins School of Public Health
MIT & Berkeley grad; UT Southwestern professor; immunology, infectious disease & bioinformatics research; influenza, dengue, flow cytometry, ontology,
Epidemiologist @JohnsHopkinsEPI studying causal inference, HIV, time-to-event analyses. Forever learning: Views and mistakes are my own. she/her. #epitwitter
UNC Microbiology & Immunology Dept. Innate immune restriction of arbovirus pathogenesis and virus/host interactions that control tropism.
#BlackLivesMatter Prof. Biol. @UW. Info flow in bio, society, & science. COVID I love crows and ravens. he/him Book *Calling Bullshit*:
Infectious Disease Dynamics group at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
Infectious disease & genomic epidemiologist in Northern PH, adjunct prof @UofT_dlsph | Postdoc'd @TheDohertyInst @CCDD_HSPH | En/Fr/Es | Speaking for myself
Professor of medicine, island-raised #infectiousdiseases doc, educator, clinical research @ucsf @ucsfmedicine #meded #socialjustice #trinidadandtobago #COVID19
Academic Program Manager Epidemiology, JHSPH, photographer, designer, she/her, views are my own
viruses. evolution. Paris. Burgundy. 🇫🇷🇨🇦🇮🇹🇹🇳🇺🇾🇩🇪🇸🇮🇦🇷🇨🇿🇲🇰🇹🇷🇦🇹🇮🇷 🏳️‍🌈 #PrideInSTEM #DiversityInSTEM
virology; public health microbiology; global pathogen surveillance; preparedness and respons; syndromic diagnostics, human animal interface
Professor of Molecular Evolution | University of Edinburgh | FRSE
Associate professor of Biostatistics at Université de Montréal. Interests in causal inference and systematic review. Follows bunny pic feeds.
virologist, Erasmus Medical Center Rotterdam
Asst. Prof @UofA_ID. I tweet about #emergingfungalinfections, #TxID, #IDTwitter, #covid19. Education Co-Chair (#SoMe) @msg_erc; cofounder @idjclub (He/Him)
Boshamer Distinguished Professor & Vice Dean for Research, SOM, UNC Chapel Hill. She/Her. Research Interests:Virology/Microbiology, Cancer Biology, Immunology.
Father of 3, Husband, Infectious Disease Doc
Epidemiologist, home school professor, wife, daughter, mom, runner, social distancer
Computational immunologist @YaleMed focused on Adaptive Immune Receptor Repertoire sequencing (#AIRRseq) + signatures of infection, vaccination, autoimmunity
Our contribution to understanding influenza virus.
Infectious Disease Epidemiologist @JohnsHopkinsSPH and @pulitzercenter Reporting Fellow '19 | * Catch me in Charm City *
Professor of Pediatrics whose research focuses on the placenta as a barrier to microbial vertical transmission and on pediatric viral infections.
Science enthusiasts. Interested in viruses, microscopy, and disease transmission. Main focus = #influenza
Science magazine staff writer. Interested in infectious diseases, outbreaks, immunology, vaccines, global health, genomics, CRISPR, primates, surfing.
Nature Immunology is a multidisciplinary journal that publishes papers of the highest quality and significance in all areas of immunology.
Director of @McGill_TB. Professor & Canada Research Chair of Epidemiology & Global Health @McGillU. Tweets are my own views.
Professor @HarvardEpi. Studying what works to improve health. Teaching how to make #causalinference less casual. Now #COVID19. Free online course
PhD candidate in infectious disease epidemiology @JohnsHopkinsEPI and @JHIDDynamics | she/her/hers
Viral Emergence|COVID19|Viruses are the best cell biologists|Mentor|🏳️‍🌈Husband|#LoveVirology #DiversityInSTEM #ViralLeeLab|COVID19 Comms Blog on lab website
Postdoc @IcahnMountSinai • Virologist & mom of 2 • From herpes to paramyxoviruses • BLM • She/her • #ViralLeeLab
Assistant Professor @YaleEMD. Studies 🦟🦠 transmission, evolution, and emergence. Will sequence for 🍺 (and funding).
Molecular Biologist; President, Federation of American Scientists; National Academy of Science Diplomacy Roundtable; Fighting disinformation:
Professor, infectious disease epidemiologist, writer, K & teen wrangler. Antibiotic resistance, zoonotic disease, scicomm, zombies. She/her. No one's sweetie.
Associate Director Global Health @KFF. @SAISHopkins Prof. U.S. & International Health Policy, Health Security, Infectious Disease Epidemiology
Professor of Molecular Microbiology and Immunology, Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health
Microbiologist & Associate Professor at the University of Auckland. Loves Lego. She/her. TEDx talk: Kids show:
Demographer working on evolutionary ecology, infectious disease dynamics, health policy
Epidemiology and global health security policy. Here:…
Virologist, cook, globe trotter, eonophile, fitness enthusiast and partner 🏳️‍🌈.
Molecular Virologist, Virus Hunter: Professor of Molecular Immunology & Virology, Inst.of Medical Sci., BHU. Tweets-Personal Thoughts. RTs- No Endorsements.
Epidemiologist. Questioner of everything. Knitter, baker, skill collector. #epitwitter. 2016 #ELBI fellow. Tweets in personal capacity. RT != endorsement.
Virologist in Memphis studying influenza, astrovirus, and now a little coronavirus. Postdoc in lab of @SSCLabQuips. Views and opinions are my own. #LoveVirology
Infectious diseases physician, epidemiologist, and clinical microbiologist at the University of Iowa.
Scientist, virologist, Phillies Phanatic
Research Associate at UT Austin. Background in statistical epidemiology and working on #covid19. These are my personal thoughts and opinions.
Epidemiologist, professor at College of Public Health, author of The Next Pandemic, retired Asst. Surgeon General. Views are my own.
Infectious disease epidemiologist and author
Infectious Diseases Physician, Microbiologist and NHMRC Early Career Fellow @UQMedicine. Views all my own.
Dr. Jackson studies viruses at the University of Maryland, has been called a 'punk' by leading lights of virology, and moonlights as "D.J. 'Jazzy' Jackson."
Director, Global HIV, Hepatitis, STI Programmes at WHO. Infectious Disease Specialist and Epidemiologist. Mother & humanitarian. Opinions/tweets are my own
Assoc Prof & PI of infectious disease ecology & network epi research grp @GUBiology @Georgetown. #netsci, #spatialepi, #mathbio, #bigdata, #openscience, she/her
Innate Immunologist 🇮🇪 University of Massachusetts Medical School. President, International Cytokine & Interferon Society (ICIS). Member, Royal Irish Academy
Tweets from the Editors of the Journal of Virology. Most tweets from @Annealiz1, @anice_lowen, or @sabraklein1998.
#scrambling. Personal opinions.
Prof at @HarvardChanSPH; Commissioner + Chair Task Force on Safe Work/School/Travel for The Lancet COVID19 Commission. Coauthor of "Healthy Buildings" (HUP)
ID Doc @ MGH/BWH + Global Health Researcher + Physician Mom. Views my own.
Assistant Professor @LSHTM | Infectious Disease Epidemiologist | Health Equity, Epidemic Preparedness, and Vaccines | she/her | 🇺🇸 in 🇬🇧
Virologist @Columbia. Write @Forbes. Host responses to emerging viruses & systems-level mind-blowing. And pugs. 1X Jeopardy! loser. Rep: @anniescranton. she/her
Physician, researcher, and advocate for the notion that an ounce of data is worth a thousand pounds of opinion Views here definitely my own Dean @Brown_SPH
epidemiology phd student @EmoryEPI 👩🏻‍🏫 | chinese-indo roots 🇮🇩 | she/her
Emory Univ Epi PhD Student, ID researcher, Brown Univ MPH, runner, reader, writer.
Dad, baker, beer snob. Pandemic prep & humanitarian aid @cgdev. Teach @Georgetownsfs. Ex-@USAID disaster aid chief 2013-16. Views solely mine. 🏊‍♂️🚴‍♂️🏃‍♂️
Resident Fellow @AEI. Partner @NEA. Contributor @CNBC. 23rd Commissioner @US_FDA 2017 to 2019. Boards: @Pfizer @Illumina @AetionInc @TempusLabs
#RNA #Virology (norovirus, coronavirus) 🦠 & single-cell #Proteomics | #NewPI at the @C4pr_liv/@livuniISMIB | He/Him | For lab updates only follow @emmottlab
Postdoctoral Fellow in Immunology @UCSD @ZunigaLab. From beautiful @Barcelona_cat 💃🏻🌹
Professor, molecular cardiology. #HeartFailure, #SexDifferences, #WomensHeartHealth. @uofg @uthsc Alum. @impartteam. REB Chair. UofG Board of Governors.
Associate Professor at Harvard Medical School, in love with a red-haired beautiful woman, his kids... and immunology. 🇮🇹 🇺🇸 Views my own.
Epidemiologist passionate about #TB, #diagnostics and global health. Evidence & Policy Lead @FINDdx
infectious disease epidemiologist. demographer. postdoc @JohnsHopkins via @Princeton @Emory @UGA
Infectious disease epidemiologist, School of Public Health, The University of Hong Kong
I've worked on all of science, from B cells to T cells.
Infectious Disease doc @bwh_id
Epidemiologist. Blogger. Writer (Guardian, Observer etc). PhDing at @UoW Host of @senscipod Email he/him
Epidemiology PhD. Currently: medical device epi & predictive models fellow. Interested in regulatory science and #SciComm. she/her #epitwitter
Epidemiologist (infectious diseases, vaccines, vaccine hesitancy) | @EmoryEpi PhD candidate | @EmoryRollins and @UofSC Alumna | Chaotic good mom friend
General and Acute Physician / #COVID19 obsessive / There's no such thing as medical knowledge, just holes in our ignorance / Irishman🇮🇪 in Australia🇦🇺
Infectious Disease #Epidemiologist & Infection Preventionist in #GlobalHealth at #WHO on #IPC #AMR #WHE. Opinions expressed are my own. 🇨🇦 living in 🇨🇭
Infectious Disease Epidemiology, Mathematical Modeling, and Network Science. Assistant Prof @EmoryEPI // PI of the EpiModel Research Lab @EmoryRollins.
@iusph PhD student studying infectious disease epidemiology, former CDC epidemiologist, opinions are my own, he/him
Research Assistant Professor, School of Public Health, The University of Hong Kong. Commonwealth Doctoral Research Scholar 2011, at Imperial College London.
Infectious disease epidemiologist interested in bacterial genomics, phylogenetics, and the evolution of antibiotic resistance.
Infectious Disease Epidemiologist and HIV Researcher - Alum: @ColumbiaMSPH @GWpublichealth @uarizona - My opinions are my own - RTs and likes ≠ endorsements.
Postdoc at Harvard Chan School of Public Health using maths and stats to look at immunity to infectious diseases. I like playing outside.
Mathematical modeller of AMR @cmmid_lshtm with @HPRUamr, and Mum
An immunologist on work days and a road biker on weekends.
UMass professor, statistician, public health and infectious disease researcher, data scientist, juggler, puzzler, English major. Tweets are my own.
#InfectiousDisease #epidemiologist and #DataScientist. #ELBI. #epitwitter. She/her/Dr. All opinions are my own.
Epidemics Lead @wellcometrust. Virologist in global health. Working/worked on #Ebola, #COVID19, #Lassa, #ASF, #Norovirus and emerging infectious diseases.
Mathematician/epidemiologist at @LSHTM. @WellcomeTrust fellow and @TEDFellow. Author of The Rules of Contagion. Views own.
ID Epidemiologist @WestpacScholars @scienceANU #globalhealth #40under40 #leadership #womeninGH #scientist #feminist #educationist. 💖 too many causes to list
science journalist. molecular biologist. curious. Contributing Correspondent at @sciencemagazine, reporting on #covid19. Interested in all things #blue
Professor of Epidemiology @UNSW with an eye on infection at all times. Advisor to @WHO Health Emergencies IPC Preparedness, Readiness and Response to COVID-19
Epidemiologist, health inequalities 👩🏾‍💻 #EpiTwitter #CausalInference #SDOH #GynHealth #datanerd #SARSCoV2 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦 🎧Co-host, @AcaDamesPodcast
Prof of Primary Care, U of Oxford. Abuse me, I block you.
Infectious diseases doctor who specializes in treating transplant and cancer patients, work at @BrighamWomens and @DanaFarber, @harvardmed.
Research Associate @UNC studying HIV, oncoviruses, and SARS-CoV-2. International AIDS Society & AIDS Malignancy Consortium Fellow.
Studying on coronaviruses. Post-doctoral fellow in Dept. of Microbiology, University of Hong Kong. @hkumed @hkuniversity Views are on my own 🇭🇰
Infectious disease epidemiologist at UCSF
Viral replication, evolution, etc. Assistant Professor at the University of Illinois
Associate Professor, Epidemiology & Biostatistics. Analysis and Modeling of Infectious Diseases. Mostly flu 🤧, Norovirus 🤮 and TB 😷. Currently also COVID.
PhD student clinical epidemiology @LUMC_Leiden | Researches Measurement Error 📏❌ | #statstwitter #epitwitter @ReproHack | Loves 🚵🏃☕🍫
Assistant professor of epidemiology @UCBerkeleySPH interested in infectious diseases, vaccines, and opera
Assistant Professor of Epidemiology @EmoryEPI. Infectious disease, TB, vaccines, global health. @arizonaalumni
Department of Immunology, St. Jude Children's Research Hospital
Epidemiology + outbreak science + health security. Faculty at Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security (@JHSPH_CHS).
Infectious Disease & Digital Health Epidemiologist |#SciComm| @AAAS_STPF, @JohnsHopkinsSPH, & @BrandeisU alum | @500wsDC & @500womensci |she/her|
Infectious disease epidemiologist @SSIGlobalHealth & @UCBerkeley. #rstats & @GrittyNHL stan. 🏳️‍🌈 He/him. My own views bc nobody else wants them 💁
(bio)statistics phd candidate @UCBerkeley. causal inference, nonparametric stats, machine learning, data science, @tlverse, #rstats. running enthusiast. he/him.
Infectious Disease Physician at BWH/MGH, Malaria Researcher, Global Health Physician Scientist
intensive care doctor personal views only
Asst. professor @YaleLabMed, @YaleIBIO. We study innate defense against viruses with a view to better prevention, diagnosis, treatment. Opinions are my own.
Associate Professor Psychobiology & Epidemiology @UCL @WellcomeTrust Research Fellow @BBC New Generation Thinker
Infectious Diseases doc. Trying to make the world a better place by preventing and *appropriately* treating one infection at a time.
Computational modelling of public health threats, antimicrobial resistance, COVID-19, pathogen ecology and evolution (he/him)
Virologist and @PittCVR Director who loves pathogenesis, zoonosis, understanding vaccines, Lego, #NSV2021 and EiC of #JGenVirol personal tweets of course!
Virologist studying the emergence and evolution of viruses in new hosts - at all scales.
Personal account/views. Infectious diseases consultant & researcher. Emerging and high consequence infections at PHE, Royal Free, UCL, Imperial & Oxford.
clinical microbiologist & professor of infection control, REshape fellow, occasional blogger (
Postdoc epidemiologist @UCLAFSPH | #SocialEpi, housing, & child health | PhD @JohnsHopkinsEPI @JohnsHopkinsSPH via @BowdoinCollege | #EpiTwitter | she/her
Physician, scientist, epidemiologist, global health advocate, former @CDCgov, current @SabinVaccine vice-president, but TWEETS ARE MY OWN.
Epidemiology PhD Student at Emory. #epitwitter he/him
Matthew Frieman New Professor studying Coronavirus pathogenesis. My tweets are my own.
Prof. Chemistry, Fellow CIRES, Univ. of Colorado. Highly Cited (h = 122), Fellow of AAAR & AGU. Aerosols, air pollution, MS.
Father. Grandfather. Professor. Virologist. Science policy junkie. Son of immigrants. 🇮🇹 I believe in social justice. Opinions are mine. Facts are facts.
Prof of Epidemiology @EmoryRollins. Enteric viruses. Vaccine Epidemiology. @EmoryEpi 🌱 🏃
Medicine / Infectious Disease / Public Health / NYU prof / @BellevueHosp doc / @CNN Medical Analyst / Host @AmericanDxFm & @EpidemicPodcast / Husband @GrantWahl
Network & Data Science, Computational Epidemiology, Complex Systems
Professor of Biostatistics, Department of Population Health Sciences, University of Utah School of Medicine
Clinical fellow in infectious diseases @UCSF. Texas raised and @OslerResidency trained. Tweets my very own. One of the many #womeninmalaria
Associate Prof. @UMBCPubPolicy. Formerly @UMichSPH. Econ Ph.D. @umich. Health and economic policy to fight HIV, TB & COVID-19. All my takes are evidence-based.
Vaccine Scientist-Pediatrician-Author, Prof Dean @BCM_TropMed @TexasChildrens, Univ Prof @Baylor, Hagler Inst Advanced Study @TAMU, Founding Editor @PLOSNTDs
Assistant Professor of Infectious Diseases and of Microbiology and Immunology
My obsession is to understand how the brain and the immune system communicate in health/disease. Opinions are my own. #Neuroimmunology #Glia #TcellsMakeYouSmart
I run the Cell Biology of Infection lab @TheCrick. Flu, SARS-CoV-2, autophagy etc. Nephrologist, obviously. Lost without @flossieteacake. Own views (plenty).
Associate Professor #EmoryID @EmoryInfectDis @EmoryMedicine #MedEd #WeAreID |Co-founder @IDJClub |LatinX Runner Traveler & Foodie|Tweets are my own
ID Doc. Public health response & integrated research. @ISARIC1 @GOARN @GlopidR Jer29:11-14. Act b4 disease becomes persistent thru delays. Retwe ≠ endorsement
Canadian in Boston. Hospitalist. MDCM, FIDSA. BWH/HMS. Book: Shakespeare's Tremor and Orwell's Cough. Atmospheric CO2 411 ppm. #blacklivesmatter
#Biotech Investor | Recovering Scientist | Currently focused on #COVID19 #coronavirus | Opinions are strictly my own and not intended as investment advice
Global wildlife vet & epidemiologist @ecohealthnyc. I study viruses that jump from wildlife into people & livestock. #Bats #Nipah #Ebola #SARS #COVID19
On twitter hiatus. Assistant professor of health policy at @HarvardChanSPH @HarvardHPM. Primary care physician @BrighamWomens. Editor @HC_TheJournal.
Passionate about virology and science communication | Recombinant protein engineering for new diagnostics, vaccines and therapeutics | Photography He/him
Infectious Diseases / Virology Clinician & Researcher @univofstandrews • #HIV #TB #GlobalHealth #COVID19 • #vegan🌱• #FaceTheClimateEmergency • RT ≠ endorsement
Assistant Professor of Health Policy and the History of Medicine, Yale School of Public Health. @YaleSPH, @YaleHPM. Formerly @Penn, @Princeton, @SJPrep.
Viruses, viruses, viruses and vaccines Professor at the Department of Microbiology Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai
Infectious Diseases Physician and Microbiologist. Professor Medical School. Australian National University
Infectious disease epidemiologist @MCResearchInst. Flu, COVID-19 and vaccine safety/effectiveness research with CDC. Adjunct prof @uwsmph. All views mine alone.
Research Assistant Professor Center for Infectious Disease and Vaccine Research La Jolla Institute for Immunology
Passionate about all things related to viruses. Professor of Microbiology
Vaccine Scientist. Immune system scientist.
Dir at Ring Therapeutics | Viruses, genomics, biotech, public health, baseball, sarcasm | formerly @BroadInstitute @harvard | Personal views
ID Epi Faculty @JohnsHopkinsSPH #TB/#HIV and everything in between, 6th generation Baltimorean, @JHSPH_NCRC...views are so very much my own
PhD candidate in Epidemiology @JohnsHopkinsEpi | Consequentialist Epi | She/her/hers | Views my own.
@JohnsHopkinsEPI. Child health and emerging infectious diseases. JHU COVID-19 Training Initiative. Opinions are my own.
Hospital physician / PhD infectious disease ethics. Own views, supported by data. Research: Personal account: @_euzebiusz_
PhD Candidate - University of Arizona. Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. Studying viral (paramyxovirus) evolution in bats and rodents.
Microbiologist. #Tuberculosis
Professor of Epidemiology & Biostatistics, PhD, MS, UCSF School of Medicine. Primary Investigator: HOPE COVID-19 /
Gordon Dougan FRS is a Professor in the Department of Medicine at the University of Cambridge. He is an expert in vaccinology and the genomics of infection.
Pathogen genomics/dynamics postdoc @bdi_oxford. Covid, HIV, global health, sustainability, animals count too. Vegan, no fly. Good science & its implications.
viral immunologist
Immunologist | Postdoc in @BrodinPetter lab @SciLifeLab @KarolinskaInst researching human immunology at the systems level
Assistant Professor at McGill University, studying gene regulation in human cells.
Immunologist/stem cell biologist @uarizona father/husband, hopeless basketball player, forever hoosier
Lab chasing low hanging pebbles and shiny fruit #coronavirus #SARSCoV2 #SARS #COVID19
Professor & Chair, #Epidemiology & #Biostatistics at Drexel. Clinical trials statistician, w/ some Environmental Epi sprinkled in. Runner. she/her
Director, @Yale Institute for Global Health | Vaccine Researcher | Infectious Disease Epidemiologist | Op-eds in Washington Post, NYT, Scientific American etc.
Research lead of the Vaccine Impact Modelling Consortium and Mathematical modeller of infectious diseases at Imperial College London
Infectious disease epidemiologist and microbiologist, aspirational barista. Director @CCDD_HSPH
Associate Professor: Comparative Immunology. All season surfer. Coach. Vaccine advocate - bring facts. He/Him. Tweets are my own opinions.
Infectious Disease Staff @BrighamWomens | Alum @mghmedicine | chapter editor | HMS #MedEd Research Grad | Views my own
Pediatric Infectious Diseases physician + IPAC medical director @CHEO. Obsessed with hand hygiene, superbugs and chasing sunrises along the canal.
Immunologist captivated by host vs pathogen, #Lyme, #COVID, inflammation, fever, and planetary health. Mom of 2. Instructor @StanfordMed, PhD from @YaleIBIO
Professor, Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics, UCSF
asst professor @virginia_tech | disease ecologist | theory + data| heterogeneity in (vaccine) susc. and infectiousness|emerging and endemic wildlife disease
Assistant Prof of Immunology & Infectious Diseases at Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health. Studying infectious diseases & how pathogens evolve and spread.
biostatistics and epidemiology, structural equations modeling, biomarkers and genetics, thoroughbred horse safety and welfare.
Associate Research Scientist in Epidemiology at @YaleSPH | genomic epidemiology | infectious disease surveillance | (He/Him)
Paediatric infectious diseases physician and researcher. Head of Infectious Diseases, Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne. Views my own.
i am a biologist/physicist at the @biozentrum in Basel trying to understand how microbes evolve. views are my own, RT!=endorsement.
Faculty at @harvardmed & @Bos_CHIP. Alum of @MIT (PhD/SM), @HPDSLab (postdoc), @healthmap, @TuftsUniversity (MPH/BSEng), & @icddr_b. Married to @imran_malek.
Director of the Immunology Institute at Mount Sinai Medical School
Director of the Center for Infectious Disease Modeling and Analysis (CIDMA), Burnett and Stender Families' Professor of Epidemiology, Yale University
Computational biologist, data scientist, interested in all things infectious. Principal Data Scientist at Microsoft, Professor of Pathogen Dynamics @LSHTM
Infectious disease fellow @BrighamWomens + @Mgh_id + @Harvardmed | @Uvamedalum | transplant ID | clinical research | tweets my own
UCSF's Division of HIV, Infectious Diseases & Global Medicine at Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital, home of the HIV clinic at Ward 86
Canada 150 Research Chair in Mathematics for Infection, Evolution and Public Health
Believe in unlocking potentials through understanding why they were bounded in the first place.
Daily provincial and school tracker #COVID19 🦠 updates, #EpiTwitter PhD candidate @HEI_mcmaster
Infectious diseases physician and director of oxford university clinical research unit in ho chi minh city, Vietnam
RNA Viruses. Dengue, Zika, SARS/MERS-Cov, Ebola, Chik... y otros bitchos. Drug-design, viral enzymes & related stories...and Pics of the Calanques of Cassis!
Oncology and immunology at Merck Research Labs. Physician-scientist. Lapsed academic. Views my own, rather obviously.
President & CEO @ResolveTSL | Sr Fellow @CFR_org | Former Director @CDCgov & Cmish @nycHealthy | Focused on saving lives | COVID19 pandemic response & recovery
Infectious disease epidemiology MHS student @JohnsHopkinsSPH | researcher @uf_idd | basketball enthusiast | #BlackLivesMatter | #epitwitter | views own
Infectious Disease doc @mgh_id. Scientist @ragoninstitute. Research on HIV and cervicovaginal microbiome. Husband. Father.
Infectious Disease MD @The_BMC. research focus on #HIV, #HCV, #COVID, addiction and social determinants of health. occasional writer. husband. dad. nerd.
Professor of Immunology at Manchester University; author of THE COMPATIBILITY GENE and THE BEAUTIFUL CURE
Influenza virologist at Emory University
#scientist #virology #pathogenesis #immunology #erasmusmc #viroscience #vaccineswork #measles
NYC ER doctor | Ebola Survivor | Director of Global Health in Emergency Medicine @ColumbiaMed/@NYPhospital | Teach Public Health @ColumbiaMSPH | Opinions My Own
Professor Ilona Kickbusch PhD contributes to innovation in global health and health diplomacy. Now engaging in digital health. Always a feminist.
Nick Talley AC, MD is Editor-in-Chief, Medical Journal Australia; Laureate Professor, University of Newcastle; Physician-Scientist. Views mine alone.
Virology🦠 | Bioinformatics 💻 | Epidemiology ⚕️ PhD @ImperialCollege・Postdoc @YaleSPH・🇧🇷→🇬🇧→🇺🇸 Coordinator @YalePostdocAsso | Member of @Toastmasters 📢
We study how influenza viruses cause disease. Except for when we get interested in something else...
Immune regulation, regulatory T cells, inhibitory receptors, LAG3, Nrp1, IL35, cancer immunology, autoimmunity, TCR signaling
Intensivist | Epidemiologist Médico de Doentes Graves e Populações Global Health|Tuberculosis|Critical Care|Pneumonia|Methods @ISGLOBALorg @USPonline. My views.
Infectious disease epidemiology PhD student & Vanier Scholar @UofT_dlsph. Epidemiology editor @UofT_JPH. #EpiTwitter, #COVID19, #amr, #rstats.
Infectious disease epidemiologist and sociologist, mostly in that order. Asst Prof U. Michigan Epidemiology. Opinions obviously my own.
A research lab at Berkeley working to understand the immune system while keeping it classy.
Academic #virology group leader studying molecular biology of #dengue #arbovirus. Passionate about #diversity #scicomm #scipolicy. Views my own.
microbial (meta) genomes, sequencing, clinical applications, bioinformatics, prof @unibirmingham, fellow @mrcclimb & @turinginst
Virologist. investigating host-pathogen interaction in HIV, Ebola, and now, like everyone I know, SARS-CoV2. Still angry - now about COVID testing. Own views.
We study innate and adaptive immunity to #viruses and #cancer. #COVID19 #immunology #vaccines @HHMINEWS @YaleIBIO @YaleMed @YaleEMD @YaleSPH.
Infectious disease epidemiologist. Assist Prof in #TB modelling @LSHTM. Mama to 👶👦👦🐶.
physician-scientist, author, editor
Professor @ljiresearch La Jolla Institute for Immunology using molecular structure on a campaign against bad viruses. More coffee please.
Interested in innate immune modulation by dengue virus and other viruses of human health interest. Family, Friendships, Mentoring and Science. Views my own
My lab studies arbovirus pathogenesis, including West Nile and Zika viruses, at Univ Wisconsin-Madison. (she/her/hers) #LoveVirology #VetVirology #arbovirus
Infectious Disease Epidemiology Doctoral Candidate @JohnsHopkinsEPI @JHIDDynamics @jhubiostat
ID physician, epidemiologist/statistician. Current President @ASIDANZ. Opinions my own. RT ≠ endorsement
Immunologist, Professor @Tsinghua_Uni, @IITU_Tsinghua
Epidemiologist, researcher, committed to public health; Dad of three; Married to an epidemiologist; Tweets my own; Retweets does not imply endorsement
Virologist🦠🦇🐀🦟Asst. Prof. @UTMBHEALTH Galveston National Lab-Bench/Field Study of Viral Hemorrhagic Fevers & Emerging Viral Diseases-All opinions are mine
Basic science lab trying to figure out how viruses (HIV, SIV, HTLV) and hosts interact.
Epidemiologist @UCLGlobalHealth & @AHRI_News. Focus on data collection, social networks & health. Mostly in sub-Saharan Africa. Currently working on #COVID19
Professor of @HarvardBiostats & @harvard statistics, Data Science, Genomics, Epidemiology, Health, Education, COVID19 analysis, intervention, Views are all mine
Professor of Arbovirology, MRC-University of Glasgow Centre for Virus Research. Mostly virology, with other topics in between. All views my own.
Virology at St George's, University of London. Views my own.
Director #epidemic and #pandemic diseases @WHO. Mother of 3. Committed to #HealthForAll & #GlobalHealth Retweet ≠endorsement. Views are my own
Craig Cameron #LoveVirology #ASV2021
physician and scientist focused on employing methods of simulation modeling and clinical epidemiology to address the syndemics of HIV, HCV, and drug use
virologist, fascinated by viruses and poop
Head of the section of clinical infectious diseases University hospital Halle ((Saale) - interested in telemedicine and video based ABS; twittert hier privat
Mucosal immunologist and respiratory physician, working on lung infections (esp. RSV and influenza) at Imperial College London.
Scientist. Optimist. Mom. Champion of long-term immunity. “You must do the things you think you cannot do.” -Eleanor Roosevelt
Microbiologist & Immunologist, HHMI Investigator & Prof at UC Berkeley, infectious disease research, Drinker from the Broad St Pump...🇨🇦
Insatiably curious. Clinical Lecturer in Paediatric Infectious Disease. Keeper of two small boys, one large boy and a Basset hound.
Senior Lecturer @QMUL Epidemiology, statistical genetics, machine learning. Intersectional feminist. Advocating for a better culture in academia. All views mine
Kirby Institute: infectious diseases; hepatitis C; hepatitis B; health for people who use drugs
Infectious Disease Epidemiologist #Epitwitter | #HealthSecurity, #GlobalHealth, and surveillance #IDTwitter | UMD Prof | @JHSPH_CHS #ELBI fellow | #OneHealth
Cardiologist, Scientist. I separate taking my work seriously (I do) vs myself seriously (I don't) Ideas my own (best ones stolen from my amazing PhD students)
Rotahoosier molecular virologist, Training and advocating for my team of super scientists
CEO of @Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance. Medical doctor specializing in infectious disease epidemiology and global health.
Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, Epidemiology
Infectious disease epidemiologist and modeller @institutpasteur
Physician sleeves rolled up #ID #gen medicine #fungal surveillance #AI #social change My views. Survey for Australian HCWs infected with COVID on website ⬇️
Professor of Global Health & Public Policy @DukeU. Director, Center for Policy Impact in Global Health. TIME magazine columnist. DJ @wxdu. Views are my own
Anaesthesiologist | Previously virology | Cabrini Health, Royal Children’s Hospital | Personal views only | Non-medical account @PieterPeach
Infectious disease epidemiology, microbiology, sequencing & modelling. Views are mine. Currently seconded to Health Directorate
Laboratory of Dr. David Masopust and Dr. Vaiva Vezys at the Center for Immunology, University of Minnesota-Minneapolis.
Infectious Disease Epidemiologist, Population Ecologist, Modeler at the University of Georgia. Opinions my own.
Assistant Professor of Epidemiology at Johns Hopkins University. Social determinants of survivorship disparities.
MD MS | ID doc & Epidemiologist | Prof @IntMedatIowa | Director @IC_CADRE | Assoc Editor @JAMANetworkOpen | #AntibioticResistance | my opinions | he/him
Howard Hughes Medical Institute Investigator, Sterling Professor of Immunobiology at Yale University
Infectious disease epidemiologist @UofGlasgow #COVID19 | Interested in how pathogens interact to shape the spread of disease | Part time equestrian enthusiast
Professor of Medicine @McGillU. Infectious Diseases, Medical Microbiology, Molecular Epidemiology, Tuberculosis
Assistant Professor at HKU; Cardiovascular epidemiologist; Mendelian randomisation; causality; Japan lover; my views are my own
Infectious diseases physician @MontefioreID. Interests: HIV, healthcare for all, civil rights, social justice, Nicaragua. Formerly @mgh_id
Atmospheric Chemistry Prof. & Dept Head , Physical chemist @TROPOS_eu #PM #Airquality #multiphasechemistry #Atmosphere #Airpollution #Climate #Health #Energy
ID epidemiologist, esp. STD, HIV, substance use. Editor, @STD_Journal, AE for @EpidemiologyLWW, & Sr. Assoc. Dean for Research, @OSUPublicHealth he, him, his
Assistant professor. Infectious disease/Medical satire. @mayoclinicINFD. Fighting the good fight to save antibiotics 🇮🇳🇺🇸 @cubs fan.
Infectious Diseases Physician & Clinical Senior Lecturer @CVRinfo. Interests #epidemiology #flu #respiratoryvirus #pneumonia #vaccines. Views are my own.
Researching #SARSCoV2, SARS-CoV, MERS-CoV, Dengue, Zika, and human norovirus at the University of North Carolina. Shared laboratory account.
Gen X Scientist. Innate Immunologist focusing on acute respiratory infections and wound healing. Faculty at Brown University. Tweets mine.👩‍🔬
@EmoryMedicine HIV/ID physician fighting the Southern epidemic, medical educator, and transgender rights advocate. (she/her/hers)
Virologist, Associate Professor @LSUHS. I study human cytomegalovirus. (he, him). Opinions my own, not my employer's. #LoveVirology
Infectious disease epidemiologist @JohnsHopkinsSPH. One Health enthusiast.