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Oct 14

Herd Immunity
Dr. Angela Rasmussen @angie_rasmussen - Wed Oct 14
Proud to be a signatory of the #JohnSnowMemorandum. This statement, out now in @TheLancet, is the scientific consensus on the COVID-19 pandemic directly refutes the Great Barrington Declaration proposal of "focused protection" as a route to herd immunity.
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Bill Hanage @BillHanage - Wed Oct 14
With many other experts in infectious disease and allied fields, I'm proud to sign and have done my bit to help write this in @TheLancet which explains the *actual* expert consensus on the #COVID19 pandemic and the need for action…
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Timothy Caulfield @CaulfieldTim - Thu Oct 15
Is relying on natural infections for herd immunity a tenable public health strategy? Nope. Soon: talking #barringtondeclaration on @TheCurrentCBC with @mattgallowaycbc. Warm up: "Scientific consensus on the #COVID19 #pandemic"… by @Dr2NisreenAlwan et al.
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Dr.Krutika Kuppalli @KrutikaKuppalli - Wed Oct 14
Proud to be a signatory on the #JohnSnowMemo which can be seen here… and signed here
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Peter Jukes @peterjukes - Thu Oct 15
Just in case you missed the Lancet letter on Herd Immunity “This is a dangerous fallacy unsupported by scientific evidence.”…
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Alan McNally @alanmcn1 - Thu Oct 15
I am very proud to be involved in this letter in Lancet outlining what the true expert consensus on Covid-19 is…
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Nature Microbiology @NatureMicrobiol - Thu Oct 15
Scientific consensus on the COVID-19 pandemic: we need to act now @Lancet… and a call to sign the JohnSnowmemo
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