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Oct 16

The Third Coronavirus Surge Has Arrived
This week’s COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations make clear that the U.S. is once again sinking deeper into the pandemic.
Ed Yong @edyong209 - Fri Oct 16
It's *very* cool to see the Covid Tracking Project's byline on our site. They've been providing an indispensable public service. This new analysis of Surge 3 is by @Artis_Curiskis @kissane @karaoehler @jopearl @sarambsimon @PeterJ_Walker @nadiazonis…
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Erin Kissane @kissane - Fri Oct 16
When we saw the weekly data roll in last night at @COVID19Tracking, we knew we needed to go loud. I'm so grateful to @TheAtlantic for picking up our update this week.…
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Paul Bisceglio @PaulBisceglio - Fri Oct 16
This is where we are.…
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