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Nov 18

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Eric Topol @EricTopol - Wed Nov 18
The underpowered Danish randomized mask trial, w/ only 46% of those in the intervention group adherence, and only focused on the mask wearer (no insight about transmission) is published @AnnalsofIM… ✓ commentary by @DrTomFrieden and editors (why publish?)
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Monica Gandhi @MonicaGandhi9 - Wed Nov 18
Our group including the very smart @MattSpinelliMD was asked to comment on the DANMASK study found here:…
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Venk Murthy @venkmurthy - Wed Nov 18
Disappointing result on Danish mask RCT: 0.3% difference in COVID infections (P=0.38). Several limitations w/ design. I'm also concerned this was turned down at Big3 journals while many incremental RCTs of big pharma/device products are accepted.…
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mike johansen @mikejohansenmd - Thu Nov 19
Got around to reading the mask study. Couldn't imagine why journals would pass on an underpowered trial that doesn't test the effectiveness of an intervention.…
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Timothy Caulfield @CaulfieldTim - Wed Nov 18
Will stir debate. "a recommendation to wear a surgical mask when outside the home among others did not reduce...incident #COVID19"… "should not be used to conclude that a recommendation for everyone to wear masks in the community would not be effective"
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MJA Editor in Chief @MJA_Editor - Sun Nov 22
3030 randomized to recommendation to wear a mask, 2994 control. SARS-CoV-2 42 masks (1.8%), 53 control (2.1%).…
Michelle Mello @MichelleM_Mello - Wed Nov 18
Thread: My takeaways from the RCT on mask wearing reported in @AnnalsofIM,…
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Søren M Bentzen @SorenBentzen - Thu Nov 19
The Danish Mask Study is out & mask-skeptics have a field day. 2 things: i) masks protect others! ii) 1-month infection rate in trial >10x rate in 🇩🇰 in same period → false positives in both arms, 0.8%? Subtract these ⇒ masks ~30%↓ in infections🤔…
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Theo Sanderson @theosanderson - Thu Nov 19
Landmark study reports that being instructed to wear a face mask might reduce the wearer's infection by 46% over 30 days, or equally increase it by 23%, with the best guess being that it reduces infection by 21%.…
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MJA Editor in Chief @MJA_Editor - Sun Nov 22
Limitations - inconclusive! Variable adherence, no blinding, no assessment if masks decrease transmission to others…