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Jan 12

Opinion | As the New C.D.C. Chief, I’ll Tell You the Truth
Even when the news is bleak.
Gregg Gonsalves @gregggonsalves - Tue Jan 12
.@RWalensky is the real-deal. She's not a politician. She comes to serve her country. She has the expertise and experience we need right now and she is selfless, caring, honest and unafaid of speaking hard truths.…
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Rochelle Walensky, MD, MPH @RWalensky - Tue Jan 12
I promise to work with my colleagues at the C.D.C. to harness the power of American science to confront the enormous challenges we face.…
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Eric Topol @EricTopol - Wed Jan 13
From @RWalensky, our new @CDCgov Director🙏🙏… @nytopinion
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Ed Belongia MD @EdBelongia - Tue Jan 12
👇This op-ed gives me hope during a week of depressing news. Incoming CDC Director Walensky pledges to lead the agency with facts, science and integrity.…
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Rachel Widome @rwidome - Tue Jan 12
"I agreed to serve as C.D.C. director because I believe in the agency’s mission and commitment to knowledge, statistics and guidance. I will do so by leading with facts, science and integrity — and being accountable for them..." -@RWalensky…
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Thiago Carvalho @CyrilPedia - Tue Jan 12
'I acknowledge that our team of scientists will have to work very hard to restore public trust in the C.D.C., at home and abroad, because it has been undermined over the last year.'…
Jeanne Marrazzo @DrJeanneM - Tue Jan 12
Few things have given me hope or made me as proud of ⁦@RWalensky⁩ ⁩ ⁦@IDSAInfo⁩ #WeAreID as her impassioned summary of #COVID19 devastation & pledge to lead ⁦@CDCgov⁩ via @NYTOpinion…
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Larry Brilliant MD, MPH @larrybrilliant - Tue Jan 12
A breath of fresh air!…
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ProfEmilyOster @ProfEmilyOster - Tue Jan 12
I will be breathing a sigh of relief when @RWalensky takes over. Integrity. As the New C.D.C. Chief, I’ll Tell You the Truth…
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Madhu Pai, MD, PhD @paimadhu - Tue Jan 12
Really happy that @CDCgov will return to its long tradition of "leading with facts, science and integrity" with @RWalensky…
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Keri N Althoff @kerinalthoff - Tue Jan 12
.@RWalensky is straight-forward and honest, driven by science, and does not back down from a challenge. Our greatest public health institution, and the health of all Americans, will benefit from her position as the @CDCgov Chief. #IsItJan20Yet…
Bill Hanage @BillHanage - Tue Jan 12
She will you know, and that's great. Shame it needs to be said but bravo @RWalensky nevertheless…
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Joseph Allen @j_g_allen - Tue Jan 12
Must read from @RWalensky. "On my first day...begin a comprehensive review to ensure that all existing guidance related to Covid-19 is evidence-based and free of politics." We are in good hands (again)…
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Chris Hendel @chrishendel - Tue Jan 12
As the New C.D.C. Chief, I’ll Tell You the Truth by @RWalensky via @nytimes…
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David D Celentano @dcelent1 - Tue Jan 12
via @NYTOpinion this is the future of public health! We’re on board.…
Carlos del Rio @CarlosdelRio7 - Tue Jan 12
As the New C.D.C. Chief, I’ll Tell You the Truth…
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Josh Barocas, MD @jabarocas - Tue Jan 12
Step 1 to restoring trust @CDCgov: Tell the truth. Well put @RWalensky!…
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Minttu Rönn @mintturonn - Tue Jan 12
”I will tell the president, Congress and the public what we know when we know it, and I will do so even when the news is bleak, or when the information may not be what those in the administration want to hear.” ⁦@RWalensky⁩…
Kirsten Bibbins-Domingo @KBibbinsDomingo - Tue Jan 12
As the New C.D.C. Chief, I’ll Tell You the Truth…
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Jennifer Nuzzo, DrPH @JenniferNuzzo - Tue Jan 12
Pledge from @RWalensky on honesty from @CDCgov. I do hope this includes allowing CDC scientists to engage more regularly--and directly--with the media. CDC's interests have not been served by its long history of tightly controlled media access.…
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