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Jan 12

Clare Wenham @clarewenham - Tue Jan 12
"We know the impact of school closures falls largely on women; during the first lockdown, 41% of working women struggled to find childcare to cover their hours" Thank you @devisridhar for including women in the schools debate - this is often missing!…
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Jennifer Nuzzo, DrPH @JenniferNuzzo - Wed Jan 13
“closing schools...entrenches educational inequalities. This has an irreversible effect on people’s life chances. No amount of financial support can completely mitigate or reverse these harms, because schooling goes far beyond literacy and numeracy”…
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The Guardian @guardian - Tue Jan 12
When should UK schools reopen? There's no simple answer | Devi Sridhar…
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RCPCH @RCPCHtweets - Tue Jan 12
"The issue is far from clearcut: the science is still unfolding, particularly around the new variant...the real question isn’t whether schools are safe or not, but how we balance various harms, benefits and risks." Essential reading from @devisridhar…
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Bill Hanage @BillHanage - Tue Jan 12
This, from @devisridhar, brilliantly lays out how schools in the pandemic are not a simple issue. Written from a UK perspective but relevant far beyond…
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Prof. Devi Sridhar @devisridhar - Tue Jan 12
Everyone wants to know if schools are safe. Having reviewed the evidence carefully over the past 10 months, it's a complex answer. My take in the Guardian:…
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