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Feb 21

Testing & Diagnosis
COVID: PM to address House of Commons on Monday and lead No 10 news briefing in the evening
Coronavirus latest as ministers put the finishing touches on the plan to lift restrictions.
Sophy Ridge on Sunday @RidgeOnSunday - Sun Feb 21
Professor @devisridhar says there are currently 130 countries without a COVID vaccine. As well as the "moral" argument for vaccinating people abroad, she says the UK should consider its own "self-interest" in preventing new strains from emerging. #Ridge
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Sophy Ridge on Sunday @RidgeOnSunday - Sun Feb 21
Chair of global public health at Edinburgh University @devisridhar says there's a "huge risk" in all children returning to school at the same time - and suggests a "slow, staged, phased" school return with testing is the way forward. #Ridge
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