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Apr 01

The Pandemic’s Wrongest Man
In a crowded field of wrongness, one person stands out: Alex Berenson.
Dr. Angela Rasmussen @angie_rasmussen - Thu Apr 01
"The case for the vaccines is built upon a firm foundation of...real-world evidence. The case against the vaccines wobbles because it is built upon a steaming pile of bullshit." Bravo, @DKThomp, for this masterclass in data-driven Berenson takedowns.…
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Shane Crotty @profshanecrotty - Fri Apr 02
This is an excellent article on COVID anti-vaxx misinformation, and the challenges of Twitter and Facebook bubbles & echo chambers. 🧵…
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Dr. Ali Khan @DrAliSKhan - Fri Apr 02
Misinformation. One of America's wrongest (wo)men on the pandemic - Alex Bernson. Lots of company with Great Barrington death merchants, America's Frontline Doctors Mr. Pillowman, etc.…
zeynep tufekci @zeynep - Thu Apr 01
Thank you, @DKThomp for doing the unpleasant work of documenting (a fraction) of Alex Berenson many many (I can only conclude deliberately) wildly misleading and flat-out-false claims.…
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Ed MD @notdred - Thu Apr 01
If you, like many people, have wondered: “Why is Alex Berenson?”, then @DKThomp has got the piece for you…
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Derek Thompson @DKThomp - Thu Apr 01
So, I wrote about Alex Berenson.…
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b-boy bouiebaisse @jbouie - Thu Apr 01
at the end of the day, the guy who wrote a reefer madness book in 2018 is obviously full of shit about everything else he touches…
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Ash Paul @pash22 - Thu Apr 01
The Pandemic’s Wrongest Man: In a crowded field of wrongness, one person stands out @AlexBerenson.…
Apoorva Mandavilli @apoorva_nyc - Thu Apr 01
In this piece, @DKThomp did what all Covid journalists have wanted to do for months: took apart Alex Berenson's ridiculous -- and dangerous -- claims, bit by bit…
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Dr. Tara C. Smith @aetiology - Thu Apr 01
Thanks to @DKThomp for this takedown of Alex Berenson's vaccine misinformation.…
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Glen Pyle | #WearAMask 😷 @glenpyle - Thu Apr 01
There is 'wrong' & then there is 'Berenson-level wrong'. How Alex Berenson makes a living misunderstanding science & endangering people with myths & misinformation. A fantastic, fact-based article by @DKThomp. #COVID19 #scicomm…
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