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Apr 06

“We Are Hoarding”: Why the U.S. Still Can’t Donate COVID-19 Vaccines to Countries in Need
Thanks to America First–style contracts negotiated by the Trump administration and an alarming uptick in domestic cases, the urgent work of planning to vaccinate the rest of the world is stuck in limbo.
Eric Topol @EricTopol - Tue Apr 06
Why hasn't the US shared its glut of vaccines with the rest of the world? @KatherineEban found out why… @VanityFair
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Dr. Angela Rasmussen @angie_rasmussen - Wed Apr 07
You’re telling me that the US government is contractually obligated to hoard vaccines because we are powerless to renegotiate said contracts that gave manufacturers billions of dollars in taxpayer money during a global public health emergency? 🤔…
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Amy Maxmen, PhD @amymaxmen - Wed Apr 07
“Contracts the Trump administration signed with the vaccine manufacturers prohibit the U.S. from sharing its surplus doses with the rest of the world.” SMH. By ⁦@KatherineEban⁩…
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Ash Paul @pash22 - Tue Apr 06
“We Are Hoarding”: Why the U.S. Still Can’t Donate COVID-19 Vaccines to Countries in Need…
Tom Bollyky @TomBollyky - Wed Apr 07
"Vanity Fair has learned that the administration is quietly considering plans to have the US serve as a major manufacturer of affordable, high-quality COVID vaccines for the entire world" Good potential news, but I hope it's 1st step to global production…
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Helen Branswell @HelenBranswell - Wed Apr 07
Why isn' the United States sharing its excess #Covid19 vaccine? @KatherineEban uncovered a problem that needs fixing fast.…
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Katherine Eban @KatherineEban - Tue Apr 06
SCOOP: As global desperation grows for #COVID19 vaccines, there's a reason the U.S. is not yet sharing its vaccine bounty: by contract, it can't.…
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Eric Feigl-Ding @DrEricDing - Wed Apr 07
📍NEW—We now know why US cannot share its #COVID19 vaccines with the world—Trump WH had forced legal contracts that blocks US doses by Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca, J&J from being donated. Hence 🇨🇦&🇲🇽 only got “loans”, despite >45 mil dose US surplus. 🧵…
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Matthew Herper @matthewherper - Wed Apr 07
The U.S. can’t donate vaccine to other countries because of a contract clause. “DoD did attempt to negotiate terms that would allow the use of vaccine doses outside the U.S., but in some cases, the vaccine manufacturers refused.” By @KatherineEban⁩.…
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