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Jul 21

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Arkansas Children's Hospital doctor warns of critically ill kids with COVID-19
Arkansas Children's Hospital reported 11 confirmed COVID-19 hospitalizations Monday along with several more suspected. "About half of those are critically ill. They’re in our ICU requiring...
Prof Peter Hotez MD PhD @PeterHotez - Wed Jul 21
I’m concerned about the accelerating number of children with COVID19 in pediatric intensive care units PICUs in areas where vaccinations are low and delta is accelerating.…
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Eric Feigl-Ding @DrEricDing - Wed Jul 21
KIDS HOSPITALIZATIONS—hospitalizations are ~2-3 times more than back in the winter months with #COVID19 in Arkansas. “We are seeing more and more kids admitted because of their COVID infection”. This is #DeltaVariant. Let’s vax and mask to protect kids.🧵…
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