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Jul 18

Herd Immunity
Delta variant takes hold in developing world as infections soar
Poorer countries with low vaccination rates face surge in Covid cases and deaths
John Burn-Murdoch @jburnmurdoch - Sun Jul 18
NEW: probably the most important Covid chart I’ve made As Delta goes global, it’s a tale of two pandemics, as the heavily-vaccinated Western world talks of reopening while deaths across Africa and Asia soar to record highs My story with @davidpilling…
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Eric Topol @EricTopol - Sun Jul 18
The Delta variant and record high deaths in multiple countries with low vaccination, in contrast with those where high vaccination is saving lives by lessening the linkage to infections by @jburnmurdoch and @davidpilling @FT…
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Tom Wenseleers @TWenseleers - Sun Jul 18
(1/4) While high income countries are debating whether to vaccinate children or not, we should not forget that the developing world is in a much worse condition. Time to start prioritizing their vaccine supply? Great piece by @jburnmurdoch & @davidpilling…
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Eric Topol @EricTopol - Sun Jul 18
South Africa's 3rd wave has been the worst yet, attributable, at least in part, to the dominant Delta variant. The Gauteng province has been worst hit… Vaccine suppliers not coming through played a pivotal role @_HassanF @HealthJusticeIn @GautengHealth
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Madhu Pai, MD, PhD @paimadhu - Sun Jul 18
Will world leaders avert this catastrophe?? As vaccinated countries open up, the worst is yet to come for low & middle-income countries This Delta-driven trend is terrifying & can result in millions of lives lost!… via @jburnmurdoch @davidpilling
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Thiago Carvalho @CyrilPedia - Mon Jul 19
'As economies in Europe and the US that have successfully weakened the link between infections and deaths have started to reopen, poorer countries with low vaccination rates are in some cases entering their worst phase of the pandemic.'…