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Jul 16

Eric Topol @EricTopol - Fri Jul 16
I'm all for reassurance and vaccines are holding up well to Delta, but this op-ed needs a little editing… by @LeslieBienen @MonicaGandhi9 It's early in Delta dominance; hospitalizations are starting to surge among non-vaccinated. And there's #LongCovid
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Aaron Astor @AstorAaron - Mon Jul 19
This is Delta at work. It hits fast but causes less damage. Scotland's Delta cases peaked on June 30. They have already dropped by about half. Total hospitalization peaked 2 weeks later. Despite more Delta than Alpha cases, hospitalization tops out at 1/4 the hosp peak of Alpha.
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Andy Slavitt 🇺🇸💉 @ASlavitt - Fri Jul 16
What defeats Delta? The data remains clear. The vaccines.…
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Monica Gandhi MD, MPH @MonicaGandhi9 - Fri Jul 16
The Reassuring Data on the Delta Variant. By I and @LeslieBienen and @citizen_oregon . There are 3 things concerning about a variant - transmissibility, whether increased virulence & whether evades vaccines. Virus likely more "fit" which we explain…
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Ash Paul @pash22 - Fri Jul 16
The Reassuring Data on the Delta Variant: There’s no sign of a surge in hospitalization or severe illness, and the vaccines remain extremely effective.…