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Jul 15

Roxanne Khamsi @rkhamsi - Fri Jul 16
Yet another way that Covid mischievously breaks the rules. And we’re learning about it from sick kids, unfortunately:…
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Amy Maxmen, PhD @amymaxmen - Fri Jul 16
Covid rates are rising (I know of multiple bartenders in SF who are fully vaxxed w/mild cases). Covid will clearly become a problem for children in the coming months in the US. What to expect? @rkhamsi covers the Covid-related kids syndrome MIS-C.…
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Roxanne Khamsi @rkhamsi - Thu Jul 15
🚨NEW: A life-threatening complication of tampon use shocked scientists in the 1980s. Now, researchers say that that disease could explain why some kids with Covid-19 develop a harrowing condition known as MIS-C. My latest for @TheAtlantic:…
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André Veillette @VeilletteAndre - Fri Jul 16
Interesting. Super antigen as a cause of severe COVID-19 illness in children? « Clues About MIS-C and COVID-19 in Kids - The Atlantic »…
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Ash Paul @pash22 - Fri Jul 16
COVID-19’s Effects on Kids Are Even Stranger Than We Thought: Doctors have found a concerning link between the rare pediatric complication known as MIS-C and a syndrome related to tampon use.…
Adam Hamdy @adamhamdy - Fri Jul 16
This article highlights one of the many uncertainties about SARS-CoV-2. @fitterhappierAJ warned of the risks of the superantigen over a year ago. Some would have us believe this is a vanilla respiratory virus, but SAG neurotropism merits further study.…
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Jeremy Kamil @macroliter - Fri Jul 16
“No more than a few hundred children in the U.S. have died from #COVID19 during the pandemic—compared with more than half a million deaths overall—but more than 4000 have developed MIS-C & we still don’t have foolproof ways to cure it” h/t ⁦@rkhamsi⁩…
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